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Post by Emopandas on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:51 am

IF you see any players in the server or somebody that is intrested in joining and you think htey will be a good addition to the clan then...
ANY fully tagged {R3Z} member can recruit a player but there is some stepps....
1. they need to register on the forums and tell them to post in the recruit section

2. add me to friends just so i can keep track and msg ppl if needed

3. add them to the {death before dishonor} resurrection group. all you have to do is right click there name in friends invite to group then select ours

4. send them the {R3Z}[R] tag in steam chat copy the first part off of your name IT NEEDS THE [R] it means they are a recruit

and tell them the recruit rules whitch is just play here and be chill , have respect for other members



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Post by Picklez on Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:57 am

And with more activity in forums/ingame will help speed up the process into fully being accepted into R3Z... Show ur serious about playing with us show up in the server and keep it poppin dont forget to be friendly in the forums and give us a chance to get to know u cuz the moar we like u the moar we would want u in the clan thus giving u full membership with future possibilities with admin responsibilities without donations but just cuz u can reach admin without donating doesnt mean that theyre not appreciated Very Happy just expnandin on panda cuz hes fail Razz xD Very Happy

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