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Picklez is makin his comeback...

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Picklez is makin his comeback...

Post by Picklez on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:36 am


haha for all the new members i have heard so much about from panda thank you for joining... I have been away from CSS for far too long and i cannot let our clan go on without me... To re introduce myself I am Picklez formerly known as Dr. Jayce or Dr.J... ive been playin with panda and Ale for a long time now and its time for me to come back and help with what i started in the beggining... I am unable to play with u all on steam atm but i am currently working on that situation in which panda has been updated on and he told me to get my ass back into the forums which i believed to be dead haha. If you have any questions or concerns please hti me up even tho i wont be in game to support im here on the sidelines...

A few things for those who are like wtf who the fuck is this guy why does he have moderator and why have i never seen em like evar ???
1. I am pickles... I helped Ale and Panda start this clan
2. I love CSS but i love my MMORPGS as well Very Happy
3. I have been playing CSS for about 4 years now and i am never gonna stop even tho i do take breaks
4. You will see me soon in game hopefully by next month...
5. If u have any questions or feel like trollin please do i love the attention Razz haha
6. Thank you for Choosing Rezurrection as ur GG home Very Happy and have fun out there...

A lil update for u all that know me...
1. Yes i left to play wow... lol :DD troll all u want about it i dont give a fuck... haha
2. Im currently at a loss of regular internet access do to my fail at payin bills and my new job will help me accomplish that
3. I will start donating for the start of a scrim server if one is not currently active
4. Working about 7-3 M-F just about all the time now so my hours of play will be prob about 5pm onto the night
5. Scrim team tryouts I will try to host when i get back unless someone has beaten me too it
6. We all need to keep the recruiting up Razz haha u guys have done a good job so far
7. I miss u guys like wtf u never call anymore Q.Q
8. This one is for panda... I want my admin powers back dammit... ill slow down the slappin hahaha cmon u know it was fun
9. Imma stay active on the forums but not in game until i fix my situation..
10. Keep up the hard work and have fun...

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